Friday, 7 May 2021

The manner of how Arsenal went out of the Europa League wasn't good enough - Ray Parlour

The manner of how Arsenal went out of the Europa League wasn't good enough - Ray Parlour

Former Arsenal player Ray Parlour is not happy with the way the club went out of the Europa League last night.

The London side had just one job yesterday and that is scoring a goal at the Emirate to book a place in the final of the Europa League. But Mikel Arteta and his boys were not up to the task as the game ended in a 0:0 draw.

The draw meant Arsenal won't be playing in the Europa final and the hope of playing European competition next season next is now slim as they sit 9th on the Premier League table.

Ray Parlour revealed his disappointment while speaking with TalkSport claiming the way they went out of the competition wasn't good enough and that the players didn't do much in the game.

‘It should have been three or four-nil [to Villarreal] in the first leg,’ Parlour said




‘They’d had a man sent off, then they were 2-0 up. Arsenal got a goal out of nothing with a penalty, which was a bit dubious the way he went down Saka but he got them back in the game.

‘So come on, you’ve done the hard bit now. You’ve got the away goal, let’s really go for it at home.

‘That’s what was the most disappointing thing, for me, the manner of how they went out of the competition – it wasn’t good enough.

‘Mikel Arteta is apologising… you’ve got to have players on the pitch taking the game by the scruff of the neck.

‘Come on this is a massive game for us, this is our future to get into European football next year – I know they’ve got to beat Manchester United in the final but it gives you a chance.

‘When a manager picks a team, you cross that white line… you can’t rely on managers. They can make substitutions at right moments in games but it’s down to the players who are paid lots of money to say, “Right this is how we win the game today”.

‘It’s not going to be pretty but this is how we win the game. There’s loads of occasions I’ve played in games when we didn’t play well but we managed to get results out of nothing.

‘I can’t see this group of players doing that. When they play poorly, they get beat. When they play really well, they win the game. There’s no in-between.’

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