Thursday, 13 May 2021

I will defend my players from everybody for the rest of the time I'm here - Mikel Arteta

I will defend my players from everybody for the rest of the time I'm here - Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta is furious with the press and has accused them of trying to break the bond between him and his players.

Speaking after the game against Chelsea, the Arsenal manager recalled his press conference and insisted his players are giving him 100% and won't allow anyone to break the spirit in the team.

‘Nothing is broken inside,’ Arteta told Sky Sports after the Chelsea game.

‘I don’t know how they want to try from the outside. They try to put things on me that I never said.

‘You can see the spirit of the team from the first minute. You can never doubt the efforts.

‘I said if I don’t get 120% off each player it’s my fault and responsibility. It wasn’t like this in the press. I’m so annoyed by that.

‘My players, I will defend them from everybody for the rest of the time I’m here. They don’t deserve that.

‘The players give me everything every day. We can play better, worse, win, lose. That [work-rate] is unquestionable and non-negotiable, 100%.

‘I’m really happy with a lot of things we did tonight. We had to dig in. We had to against a fantastic team. We put everything we had to get the best positive result.’

Emphasizing more on what he thinks the media are doing 'They're not going to break it [a bond]. They can try but they’re not going to break it,' Arteta added

‘Not only with the players, but the coaching staff and the board – they can’t touch it. If they try to touch it, it can be with opinions but not saying something I never said. I’m not taking that. It’s the first time I have to make my point.

‘It’s a big win for the club, for the players, and for our fans. It’s been 10 years since they won on this ground so shows how hard it is.’

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