Sunday, 25 April 2021

We have our issues - Jürgen Klopp

We have our issues - Jürgen Klopp

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp is not happy with the outcome of his game against Newcastle on Saturday.

A win was what the last season champions needed in other to boost their chances of qualifying for next season's Champions League but they couldn't do that as they were held by the visitors at Anfield.

Speaking with BT Sport after the game, Klopp claims his side had issues and lost lots of confidence when they miss a chance.

‘In our positive moments we don’t get enough back,’ Klopp said

‘We have a positive moment with 1-0 [Salah’s goal] but we have a lot of negative moments with missing chances.

‘You can see it in the body language, you can see it in pretty much everything, you’re saying, ‘lets me try to change it, but it’s not necessary, there was nothing to change at half time, it’s not like we say, ‘let’s go out and give them the ball and counter-attack ourselves’.

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‘It’s just you cannot get the momentum of the game because when it’s 1-0, great, having chances and usually it’s no problem to miss chances because it happens to all the teams out there, but in our situation, at the moment everybody’s like, ‘oh, again, that’s how it looks, and it’s too soft, I cannot accept that, to be honest.

‘I can accept a lot, we’re human beings, we have our issues, but these kind of things in football I cannot accept. And that’s what we have to stop doing immediately. Otherwise, we might score another goal but if we don’t score with the next chance then these things can happen again.’

Liverpool win hope they can win their remaining five games of the season and close the gap on fourth-place in other to qualify for next season champions league.

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