Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Thiago would be a better fit for Manchester United - Paul Scholes

Thiago would be a better fit for Manchester United - Paul Scholes

Former Manchester United player Paul Scholes thinks Liverpool star Thiago Alcantara doesn't suit the club's style of play and should be playing for Man United instead.

Thiago Alcantara joined Liverpool from Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich in the summer of last year and much was expected of star midfielder, however, reverse has been the case as the Spanish international is yet to display the kind of form he showed in the Bundesliga.

Week in week out Liverpool has the struggle to dominate games especially in the midfield and many fans are already thinking Thiago isn't a good buy for last season Champions. However, former United player Paul Scholes thinks Alcantara is not being played in the right position.

"The way Liverpool play with the three in midfield, I don’t think he has great legs about him, so that central role would suit him down to the ground,' Scholes said

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"Once you are in a wider position in the three, it’s very difficult to get around the pitch because he’s not that type of player.

"He just needs to be sat in the middle. Controlling things, bringing players into play and that’s what he’s good at – I just wonder if this way of playing that Liverpool play is suited to his style of football.

"He doesn’t seem a Jurgen Klopp type player, does he? You think of the midfield players he has got and the forward players. Everything is 100 miles per hour.

"I thought he would have been more suited to a Manchester United team. In a two in midfield with a holding player, really good strong defensive player, where he can sit and control games.

"Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool, I don’t see them controlling games. I see them going for the throat in teams. He hasn’t got that energy to really overpower midfield players."

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