Saturday, 6 March 2021

Liverpool is in good hands - Jürgen Klopp

Liverpool is in good hands - Jürgen Klopp

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp is not worried about a thing as his side continues to struggle this season, especially in the Premier League.

On the back of losing to Chelsea at Anfield, the last season champions now face a big battle in qualifying for the UEFA Champions League next season as it looks they might not finish the season in the Premier League Top four-zone.

However, Klopp believes the club is in good hands, and regardless of they playing in the Champions League next season or not.

"This club will not be regular outside of the Champions League," Klopp said during a press conference on Friday

"This year is difficult, we know that, but the potential and the power of the club is a completely different one. 

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“This is a season where you have to have momentum and we never really got it, that is true. But it says nothing about the future, this club is in a really good position. In difficult times, obviously, but in a better position than other clubs I would say.

“I understand about what happened in the past, but what I can say [is that] nobody has to worry about the future of the club because it is in good hands and we have a really good team together.

"That is obviously the best basis for a good future together."

Asked about Players likely to leave if the club misses out on Champions League spot, Klopp revealed his players are loyal to the club and no one will ask to leave.

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"I understand and respect all the questions but this is nothing we have to worry about. It was always like this,' Klopp said

"I know that we have loyalty of the players. It's not a situation now where a player says to me: 'Next year we don't have Champions League so I have to leave'.

“That will not happen. I know them well enough for that not to happen because the club is in a different situation.

“It will not be an issue with new players, I can't see that. We said it years back that if a player doesn't want to come here because we don't play Champions League next year then I don't want them.

"And if a player wants to leave because we don't have Champions League then I don't want him.

“It's not a personal thing but it is always like this. You always need to find the right squad for the challenges you face and then you go for it, so it is nothing I worry about.”

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