Monday, 29 March 2021

Kane needs to leave Spurs - Jermain Defoe

Kane needs to leave Spurs - Jermain Defoe

Former Tottenham player Jermain Defoe thinks Harry Kane will have to the London side if wants to lift silverware in his career.

Already 12 years at Tottenham, Harry Kane is yet to get his hands on any piece of silverware and it is becoming worrisome as the England international is now 27 years of age meaning he is gradually coming to the end of his playing days.

With Spurs likely to end this season without a trophy despite them being in the Carabao Cup final in which they will be facing high flying Manchester City on 25th of April, Defoe thinks it time his former teammate starts saying his goodbyes if he indeed wants to win a trophy.

“If you’d have asked me this question a few years ago, I’d have said he should have stayed there, what he’s done at the football club – he’s a legend,' Defoe said when he was asked on talkSPORT during an
interview with Darren Bent.

“Since I’ve come away from that and gone to Rangers, I’ve seen that mentality and played for another big club, the importance of playing for that club and winning every game, that mentality, the standards and demands.

“You have to win and bring silverware, otherwise it’s not good enough. When you actually achieve that and the feeling you get from that, wow man. I wish I had that earlier on in my career.

“If Harry Kane wants that and wants to win trophies then it looks like he has to go.

“I don’t think it will be easy for him to leave and he might be looking at it and want to finish off being the highest goalscorer in the club’s history and see where that takes him.

“He can hopefully win a few trophies, but if he’s really craving medals then he really has to go.”

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