Thursday, 11 February 2021

I hope there will be no difficulties with Kepa - Thomas Tuchel

I hope there will be no difficulties with Kepa - Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is ready to give Chelsea goalkeeper record signing Kepa Arrizabalaga a lifeline at the club.

Kepa was frozen out of Chelsea starting XI following the run of poor games and bad decisions and errors during games. Edouard Mendy was brought by Frank Lampard and has been a good buy so far.

Speaking ahead of Chelsea's FA Cup game later today, Thomas Tuchel reveals he is ready to give Kepa a chance at the club and also spoke about how he plans to help the Spain International in the future.


"Absolutely, absolutely," Tuchel replied when asked if Kepa can rediscover his form and kickstart his Chelsea career again.

"He will play tomorrow; he will start tomorrow. From outside, we had a view on his situation and saw some difficulties on the sporting side.

"Maybe also the circumstances of his transfer is weighing a little bit on his shoulders. That was the impression from outside.

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"From inside, I see a nice guy. I see a nice personality, an open character, a hard-working guy, with obviously a lot of quality. So the good thing for him is that we start fresh, it's a new start for him. I don't have a history with him and I hope there will be no difficulties because I don't see them coming.

"He's a clear guy, an open guy. He does everything to impress in training. I'm happy and I feel all three goalkeepers in a good atmosphere, they are competitors to each other, it's a very special position in football of course, it's a very decisive position, it has its own rules.

"If you make mistakes everybody sees them and talks about them. So you need a lot of mental strength and quality and I see this in all three goalkeepers. Kepa has a chance tomorrow and I hope he can show what he shows in training.

"We didn't make a change in the first game and Edou [Mendy] was strong in the moment. So tomorrow is an opportunity to show and hopefully, it's very important for me to say this, he doesn't want to overachieve. I want him to do a normal match tomorrow.

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"He does not have to show me or anybody else tomorrow that he is ready to be Spain's No 1 in the summer. He just has to show his quality. Not more or less. So we have to manage expectations because I don't expect him to score and keep a clean sheet.

"I just want him to help us with his quality and he gives a solid performance to help the team. He has big goals to achieve and personal ambition. This is normal; it's why he's here."

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