Monday, 11 January 2021

We need Killers in the team - Frank Lampard

We need Killers in the team - Frank Lampard

Chelsea had a comfortable game on Sunday against Morecambe and Frank Lampard was happy seeing his boys put the ball at the back of the net four times.

The wins mean Chelsea are now in good shape going into the game against Fulham this weekend. With the likes of Timo Werner and Kai Havertz scoring against Morecambe, it's indeed a  confident boosting for the London side who has suffered in recent weeks.

Frank Lampard however, thinks he still needs killers in the squad as they need to be on par with the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City, and Leicester City players who are in good forms now and has the attitude of winning with every chance they get in a game.

"What we can’t ask the youth of this squad sometimes is to be absolutely consistent and be killers, like other players in the league are in terms of the numbers they produce and consistently produce," Lampard said during his press conference after the game.

"That will come for our lads but at the moment their contributions are good.

"I mean killers in the best possible terms and I hope people know what I mean. We have a lot of young players with a lot of potential, who are coming through and of a young age.

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"However the players at the top of the Premier League are scoring week on week and winning year on year, and at the ages of 27, 28, and are very established and they produce week on week, with big numbers. Players at that stage expect to be producing at those sorts of levels.

"So, for us, there's work to be done to get to the levels where hopefully we can jump to challenge those teams."

Frank Lampard also confirm there is the possibility of young defender Fikayo Tomori going on loan elsewhere so as to get playing time which was part of the reason he didn't start him for the game
against Morecambe.

“Situation with Fikayo is open at the moment. There is a possibility he could be going on loan to get games somewhere else," Lampard added.

"So that would have to be the solution for him and the club.

"That was part of my thinking of not starting him today. I gave him some minutes at the end but while we are looking at that I wanted to make sure it was the right thing for the club and for him and individually. So that’s why he didn’t start - but his attitude, even though he hasn’t played much recently, has been fantastic in training and in how he is."

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