Friday, 22 January 2021

Trent needs to get better defensively - Dominic Matteo

Trent needs to get better defensively - Dominic Matteo

Formal Liverpool player Dominic Matteo has analyzed what Trent Alexander-Arnold needs to work on in other to get better.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has been questioned most time this season concerning his form and defensive duties in Liverpool games as it seems he has dropped in form.

Liverpool game against Burnley yesterday shows another weakness in the Liverpool defense and Burnley capitalized on the right side as Trent Alexander-Arnold was out of his position most times during the game.

Matteo seeing the game yesterday and other games Arnold has played this season, the former Liverpool player has now revealed Trent Alexander-Arnold needs to work on his defensive duties as it is gradually affecting the team.

“When you have got players like Trent Alexander-Arnold and Robertson, it’s very difficult to leave those two out,' Matteo told Stadium Astro

“These are two of the fittest players in the league. If you put their stats up against anyone, they are so fit. The one thing I genuinely believe is that both of them need to do better – more so Trent.

“It’s not having a dig at Trent all the time here, but just on his defensive duties – Jamie Carragher has pulled it up a few times – it’s that sometimes he is getting forward a little bit too soon. Sometimes you need to take a few steps back and be in a better defensive position.

“A few times when Burnley got in it was because Trent was out of position. If you are out of position, even against the Burnleys, they will punish you.

“That’s one thing we need to get better at, defensively when Trent is in those areas. He doesn’t get a lot of support when he’s forward-thinking.

“You don’t have to bomb on every single game, but that seems to be the way football is being played at the minute. Just slow things down and you will find you have more time on the ball.”

Asked if Klopp will need to change his desired starting XI if the team continues to struggle, Matteo revealed he doesn't think Arnold should be dropped.

“I don’t think Trent has been poor enough to be left out,' He added

“Neco Williams is a good young player and he’s had some opportunities. He will get more opportunities, but Trent is a good player. It’s just a conversation about his positional play.

“I think Trent is probably one of the best full-backs in world football – the awards he has won and everything he has achieved. But, I still think there is a place for him to improve on his defending.

“If that is where you are going to play, as a right-back, then you have to be able to defend as well.

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