Friday, 8 January 2021

To show respect to Marine is to beat them -Jose Mourinho

To show respect to Marine is to beat them -Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has insisted the only way his side can show respect to eighth tier side Marine is by beating them when they face-off on Sunday.

Tottenham has been preparing really well for the game against Marine even though their opponent is not a big threat to them considering the league they are playing and how big Tottenham is.

However, Jose Mourinho is not taking any chances and wants his side to go to Merseyside with all motivation that they wants to win the game. There have also been report that Liverpool have been helping Marine and showing them footage of how they can beat Tottenham but Jose Mourinho is not bothered about this and insisted it is normal if the Premier League champions are helping their neighbours.

‘Liverpool helping Marine I think is normal,’ Mourinho said.

‘You know they are neighbours and I’m pretty sure there is an emotional connection between them. If they gave them analysis from us and access to footage they wouldn’t have, I feel it absolutely normal.

‘What can we expect? We need to see the pitch – it is important for the safety of the players that the pitch is okay, I believe they’re trying to do everything they can to have the best possible pitch.

‘It’s a club and a group of boys playing the game of their careers – so what can we do apart from respect them and win the match? Nothing.

‘I always believe that to show respect to these teams is to beat them, to show respect to them is to play with a good team and with a team that takes responsibility, has motivation and goes there to win the game.

‘That is to show respect and that is the cup mentality of the big teams.

‘If we go there and lose, it would be amazing for them but I think it would be a lack of respect from us to them.

‘We are preparing for the game normally, we train today looking at that game and we had a tactical meeting looking at that game, we are going there to win the match.’

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