Monday, 18 January 2021

Pogba is key to Manchester United winning the title - Gary Neville

Pogba is key to Manchester United winning the title - Gary Neville

Though Many may Label Paul Pogba arrogant and even wants him out of the club, but if Manchester United wants to win the EPL, their hopes rest on only one man.

Paul Pogba was brilliant in Manchester United draw against Liverpool on Sunday though he was played in a position he doesn't like, the France international was all business as usual at Anfield.

The former Juventus man has been a key part of Manchester United midfield since he forced himself into the Premier League's league leader starting XI and has been displaying some world-class performance.

With his performance in the game against Liverpool yesterday, Gary Neville while speaking on Sky Sports believes Pogba will be the key will Manchester United would win the Premier League title this season.

"I think Manchester United's chances of winning this league are slim - Liverpool and Man City are still the best two teams in this league,' Neville said

"But the slim chance they have to win this league will depend on something like Paul Pogba delivering a cameo of two or three months of brilliance, which he is capable of.

"He's got confidence, he's got arrogance - good arrogance, in a sense that he believes in himself. He thinks he should be playing in the biggest games in the world, and winning titles, and thinking positive thoughts, thinking you're the best is a big thing when you're looking to win.

"Just in that last 20 minutes, I felt United just had that little bit of missing belief. It's not a long way away, but that's the bit that will stop them winning the title.

"I thought it was tough for him on Sunday. I've seen it over the years, where Sir Alex Ferguson had to put Wayne Rooney or Danny Welbeck out on that right-hand side, and it's not easy when you don't play there, to play there. It's easier to come off the left onto your right and slip inside, but it's not natural for them on that right wing, so I thought he was given a tough gig on Sunday in terms of his natural position.

"If you asked Paul Pogba: you can play any position in midfield or any up front, that's the one he wouldn't pick, right of midfield. I didn't criticise his performance at Anfield because I thought it was a tough gig - the same with Rashford, who prefers to play on the left - but I do think he can have a big influence on United."

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