Friday, 8 January 2021

"Never lose it even when things are going well" - Avram Grant sends Frank Lampard a message

"Never lose it even when things are going well" - Avram Grant sends Frank Lampard a message

Former Chelsea manager Avram Grant has sent Frank Lampard a message uring his former player to be patient and do whatever it takes to turn things around at the club.

With the recent run of bad games, reports are pouring in that Chelsea are already looking to replace their coach Frank Lampard if their bad runs don't stop.

Despite spending  £200m on transfer before the season, Chelsea was expected to be a big force in the Premier League this season considering the number of star players they have in the team.   Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, Christian Pulisic, N'Golo Kante, Hakim Ziyech all available for Frank Lampard but it is Surprising the London side already lost five Premier League games so far this season.

Patient is beginning to run out for Frank Lampard and if speculations are true Roman Abramovich might already be considering sacking one of the club's most celebrated player. Avram Grant, however, thinks Frank Lampard can turn things around and he just needs to do the necessary things.

“What I can say to Frank and the others at the club is be patient, and, more than this, do whatever it is necessary to do, that's for sure,' Grant said while speaking with Sky Sports.

“Two things: never lose it even when things are going well, don't lose your fighting spirit at the highest level.

“And second, don't lose what you have here [points at head] you need to think right and look for solutions.

“If you do that then everything will be okay because the quality is there and there is a potential like there was [at Chelsea] in my time.”

“About the current situation I can say only this: You need to be strong when things are not going well, when things are going well everyone is a genius and knows what to do.

“But in the situation like this when things aren't going well you need to be strong, look for solutions and show a lot about your character.”

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