Tuesday, 19 January 2021

My biggest strength is having a clear head - Vinicius Junior

My biggest strength is having a clear head - Vinicius Junior

Real Madrid young star Vinicius Junior has revealed what motivates him going into games and his desire for the team whenever he is on the field of play.

The Brazil international remains positive each day as he looks to always help the team and their goal each season. Speaking with British Fashion Magazine, Vinicius also spoke about his personal life.

"My daring nature helps the team when we're losing or drawing, I'm not afraid of losing the ball or playing with freedom," Vinicius said.

"I'll always be like that so people believe in me. I would say my biggest strength is always having a clear head, I never, ever give up, I always stay strong in what I am convinced of.

"If you look at what 2020 has taught us, then we have to make the most of each day, each moment as tomorrow is not promised, on and off the pitch.

"When the pandemic, no-one could believe it and we still can't, so, we have to enjoy every moment as if it was the last day of our lives."

"It's the best celebration of all-time, I don't even know how that moment happened," Vinicius said, speaking about one of his celebrations when
 he was at Flamengo

"I just went to celebrate and someone from the crowd threw the glass to me, so naturally I picked them up and put them on, it was all so random but it ended up looking good on the picture."

Vinicius also revealed how his father has been a good source of motivation for him each day.

"The biggest satisfaction is seeing my family, friends happy and proud of what I have been doing," Vinicius said.

"My father did everything for me and my family, he was always defending us and doing everything to give us the best life.

"My ambition is to continue his way, to improve and try to help many different people."

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