Monday, 18 January 2021

Manchester United needs to sign a couple of extra players - Gary Neville

Manchester United needs to sign a couple of extra players - Gary Neville

Though Manchester United might have one of the best and complete squads in the Premier League this season, Gary Neville still believes they need to sign more players.

Manchester United has almost two players for every position in their squad but some of this position doesn't really look cemented as they still look weak and another player in the mix will be a good addition.

Focusing on the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool, these clubs have a well-structured squad, and even has players who can play out of their position and still perform quite well.

Gary Neville has highlighted the positions Manchester United will need to focus on and also admitted they will need to bring in extra players to fill the said positions.

"I look at the game on Sunday and think: how do you go from that to becoming title winners? I think one area is that United need to push up the pitch a bit more, up in the game a bit more,' Neville said on Sky Sports

"If you look at Liverpool, even with Fabinho and Henderson in defence, they are well up the pitch, on the halfway line.

"One more area is that the right-hand side is a problem. Juan Mata has played there, Dan James has, Paul Pogba has, Marcus Rashford has, Van de Beek's played there, Greenwood's played there, and nobody has cemented it.

"We know Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wanted that right-wing position filled in the summer, and he didn't get it, and it's just posing a little bit of a problem. If there was a goalscoring right-winger in that squad today, with Rashford and Martial, that I think would be a difference. So a centre-back that gets them up the pitch that 10 yards, and a right-winger, they are the two positions I'd focus on.

"We know Liverpool's problems were a centre-back and a goalkeeper, and they signed Virgil van Dijk and Alisson. Manchester United just need that little bit of belief, and a couple of extra players, and they're not as far away as it looks if City and Liverpool stay at this standard and don't jump back up to that 100-point standard."

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