Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Liverpool are not right defensively - Danny Murphy

Liverpool are not right defensively - Danny Murphy

Liverpool are really struggling at the moment and a defeat to Manchester United showed all his far from fine at the club.

With injuries to key defenders, the backline of J├╝rgen Klopp is suffering and many expected them to go all out this January to strengthen their squad but so far the last season champions have been silent.

Speaking on talkSport, former cub midfielder Danny Murphy admitted the club is not right defensively and hope they do something during the transfer window.

“The small area of concern is the lack of transfer activity when they’re so desperately in need,' Murphy said

“I don’t think you should go out and buy for the sake of it. If you can’t get the ones you want in then you don’t do it.

“Defensively they’re not right, are they? That’s for sure. I know they’re not scoring, but you could see yesterday defensively they’re not right when [Joel] Matip isn’t there.

“So I hope for everybody’s sake they do something in the last few days of the window, give everyone a boost and then a decent result at Tottenham [on Thursday] can get them back on track.

“It’s a difficult time for them. It’s a weird season. There’s one thing for sure, Jurgen Klopp’s got plenty in the bank. I don’t mean money, I mean credit.”

Murphy also believes Liverpool can turn things around and will definitely make the top four. He insisted they have enough firepower in the attack and these players are capable of getting the goals even though they've been struggling to do so recently.

“I’ll still think he [Klopp] will be confident enough of getting top four with the attacking prowess they’ve got because those players are top class,' He added

“Just because they’re having a little dip, that [quality] will come back. I’m not worried about goalscoring. He’ll believe they’ll get top four, but that’s not good enough now.

“Liverpool are way above that in terms of where they want to be and expectations and what the fans desire.

“If they don’t sign a defender, how fit can Matip stay with all the games? They’ll need [Jordan] Henderson and Matip fit, if they get those two fit they’ll be alright.”

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