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Jordan Henderson: 'I was in a very dark place at Liverpool'

Jordan Henderson: 'I was in a very dark place at Liverpool'

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has opened up on how things were hard for him when he joined the  club from Sunderland back in 2011.

In 2012, the club tried to sell Henderson to Fulham and then club manager Brendan Rodgers spoke to him about the situation in which Henderson turned down cause he wanted to fight for his place at the club.

Jürgen Klopp came in later in 2015 and things weren't easy also as Henderson missed 19 Premier League games. Speaking with the Guardian, Henderson has now opened up about how difficult it was in his early days in Liverpool.

“That was a difficult moment I remember very clearly,” Henderson said

“We were preparing for a [Europa League qualifying] game against Hearts at Anfield. We met as normal in the hotel and I got a knock on my door saying the manager wanted to speak to us.

“To be fair to Brendan Rodgers, it was really just a conversation. It was an opportunity I didn’t want and I didn’t like. I still felt I had an awful lot to give, but I was in a very dark place at that time.”

Henderson recalled how he missed games when Jürgen Klopp first arrived at the club.

“When the manager first came, it was difficult for me because I was injured,” he said. “I kept getting niggles so it took a while to get the real me and my rhythm back.

“And then I began to play in a deeper role and that is thanks to Jürgen, because I don’t think many people would have seen how I could do that role. There were times when I wasn’t performing well. Then you would question if I was good enough.

“But I had confidence in the manager and kept working and I matured. I’m really grateful for having that opportunity because my all-round game has improved defensively and offensively.

“When we signed Fabinho, a natural defensive midfield player, I felt that was a good thing for me because I could play a little higher up. So when I had the conversation with the manager he was very open. But I don’t think he was going to play us there straight away.

“Not long afterwards I was on the bench at that Southampton game before I came on as an attacker and managed to score. I’ve matured even more since then.

“At the end of last year, I played more as a No.8, but with certain injuries, I’ve had this season I’ve played a little deeper again. I feel I can contribute to both positions.”

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