Thursday, 7 January 2021

It is about details - Paul Pogba

It is about details - Paul Pogba

Manchester United seven games unbeaten run came to an end yesterday when they lost to Manchester City in the Carabao Cup Semi-final and missed the chance to face their former boss Jose Mourinho in the final.

Though United was fantastic during the game, they just couldn't get the goals and Pep Guardiola had a well-structured plan to beat them. Manchester City went in front in the 50th minute through John Stones who got his first goal since 2017 and also doubled their lead in the 83rd through Fernandinho.

Losing the match means United won't get the opportunity to face Tottenham at Wembley and their fantastic run of seven games unbeaten is over. Speaking with MUTV after the game, Paul Pogba feels there is a need for the team to be disappointed as it is not the first time they are losing to City at home.

“It is disappointing because it is not the first one against City at home. We are disappointed with the result, obviously, with the two goals from set-pieces,” Paul said

“It is very annoying to lose because there is a trophy behind all of this. We have to do better, we have to do better for sure."

“It is about details. Details make the difference all of the time and now when it is big games like this, it is details and at set-pieces, we lost. We have to learn because it is not the first time."

“We have to learn, we have to get through this because, after this, there are big games coming up. Next time, we will do better, we will do better.”

Paul Pogba also encouraged the team to be extra motivated as they begin the FA Cup campaign on Saturday against Watford as this is another chance for them to win a trophy this season if they go all the way to the Finals.

“There is no time to be disappointed for a week because we know where we are. We are in a good position now. We don’t have time to be disappointed. We don’t have the time. We will get through this and we will go again," Pogba added

“It is difficult and it is going to be difficult, and you learn from these games. It is going to hopefully help us to get through, to get better, and to have a positive result in the next games."

“Football and playing for Man United is not easy, it will never be easy, but it makes the victory prettier and more beautiful when we get through a tough time, then we get through this."

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