Tuesday, 19 January 2021

I am worried about Firmino - Jamie Carragher

I am worried about Firmino - Jamie Carragher

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has expressed concern over the form of club striker Roberto Firmino who is in a bad form at the moment.

Firmino, as we know, is a key member of the Liverpool attack and his all round game and performance have helped Liverpool in the past but that has since dropped as the player begins to struggle.

Carragher revealed he noticed the drop in form last season when Liverpool won the Premier League title but thought the Brazil international would return to form this season.

“I am still confident Mane and Salah will start scoring goals again,” Carragher said on Sky Sports.  

“I must say I am worried for Firmino.

“He has never been seen as 'the' goalscorer. That is the responsibility of the other two, but he is there to chip in.

“When they are not scoring, he has to be a bigger goal threat.

"Yesterday (during the 0-0 draw with Manchester United) he had a couple of chances but did not quite strike the ball right.”

“Bringing others into the game has dropped off and the counter-pressing and winning the ball back has dropped off,” Carragher said, analyzing Firmino's ability to affect games and find ways for his fellow attackers to score goals even when he is not scoring

“I’m not just saying this season, I am going back to last season when Liverpool won the league.

“I was worried then, wondering could he turn it around.

"He is the one I am worried about more and if there is one to be phased out before the others, I probably think it would be Firmino.

"Sooner or later that front three will have to be broken up.

"The goals have been steadily going down. What stands out as well is his possession numbers. It is a massive drop off. When he was not getting the goals and assists he was doing the other stuff, but it is a massive drop off.”

"He is the one I am worried about,” Carragher emphasized

“Whether it be a lack of form or that slow decline as you get older, which is natural for any attacker when you get to the late 20s because they do not play as long as other players on football pitches.”

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