Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Great players are welcome at PSG - Mauricio Pochettino

Great players are welcome at PSG - Mauricio Pochettino

Paris Saint-Germain new coach Mauricio Pochettino is confident of the numbers of great players the club can attract and already looking forward to welcoming them.

Pochettino was presented on Tuesday ahead of PSG's game against Saint-Etienne later today. During his press conference, the former Tottenham coach Pochettino didn't rule out the possibility of bringing Dele Alli to the club.

"Each club is different and it is difficult to compare," Pochettino said

"It would not be objective for me to talk about Tottenham because I was there [previously], but now I am one hundred percent in Paris.

"We are not talking about [possible signings] but about adapting ourselves to the club, and we have a game tomorrow.

"But I already said that in the future there will be time to talk about those things. A great player is always welcome at PSG."

Pochettino was also asked how he plans to help Neymar become a great player at the club and what position he will be playing him in once the Brazil international is back from injury.

"When [Neymar] comes back [from injury] we will help him to show off his best version," Pochettino added.

"The systems are only a starting point. We always talk about movement, about organisation.

"We will also listen to all the players to create a system in which everyone is in the best possible way.

"Leaders are leaders. Everyone has their own way of expressing it.

"We have a group that has the ability to lead and the more there are on the field, in the dressing room, in all structures, the much better we will be."

"It is an incredible group with very great players, but that is not news," Pochettino continued.

"A great player like Mbappe can play in many positions. The most important thing is how he attacks the spaces, how he is on the field, like the rest.

"We will find the best place for him to better exploit its qualities."

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