Friday, 18 December 2020

We must give Kai time - Frank Lampard

We must give Kai time - Frank Lampard

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has called on the club fans to be patient with Kai Havertz as the German international continues to struggle in the club.

Kai Havertz joined Chelsea from Bayer Leverkusen during the summer but hasn't found the form he displayed in the Bundesliga as he continued to struggle week in week in.

Due to the amount of money Chelsea spent to get him, the fans are beginning to get frustrated and already thinking the 21-year won't make it in the Premier League. However, Lampard is confident and believes Hevertz will get back in form soon and will be a great addition to the side once he is able to settle quite well.

‘I do think it [4-3-3] suits him,’ Lampard said during a press conference ahead of Chelsea's weekend game.

‘Before his Covid period he was playing very well on the right-side, in the eight position and he can play various positions but consistency is sometimes a good thing and that’s what I want to get for him.'

‘The reaction around Kai, when you look and you analyse what’s happening here, he had no pre-season, started to really play well and then got Covid and all eyes are on because of the price tag but we need huge perspective here.

‘I’ve mentioned some of the great players the Premier League has seen has taken time to succeed in the Premier League. Some of them have been, gone away and come back to the Premier League and become great players.

‘I’m not saying it will take a long, long time for Kai, but he does need time to settle in on and off the pitch. And that’s what’s happening, I’m very happy with him, I’ve got no problem with him but for Chelsea fans and us, we must give him time.’

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