Monday, 28 December 2020

Reasons why Atletico Madrid might win the La Liga title this season

Reasons why Atletico Madrid might win the La Liga title this year.


Atletico Madrid being top of the table at Christmas and have shown some level of consistency, here are some reasons why they will probably win the title at the end of this season.


They have double as many goals as they had at this stage of the campaign last season. Their flexibility in front of the goal accounts for that. Even sometimes in the absence of Luis Saurez, their highest goal scorer so far this season, they've got able replacements on the bench who stand up to the task when being called up.


Jan Oblak has once again shown his class by conceding just 5 times in 13 games. He has simply been excellent in this campaign. He's equally been helped by a solid back four in front of him.


they simply don't just depend on a single player. It's a competitive group with the likes of saul, Geofrefry kondogbia, Diego Costa, Lucas Torreira usually coming off the bench it simply tells you how competitive they are and that they have got this ability to fight to the end. 


The belief that exists in this group is much higher than ever, especially after the arrival of the league's top scorer Luis Saurez. This belief has also been strengthened by the slip in form of both Real Madrid and Barcelona. Moreover, they can also get out of tough moments as shown by back to back wins after their defeat to Real Madrid.


The physical ability of any team is also a determining factor when fighting for the title. They have been able to decide the outcome of many games in the final stages of the game.

He has been a key factor to Atletico Madrid being able to compete for major titles in recent years. As revealed by Marca, the club is looking forward to tie him down to a new deal till 2022. These are signs which show the club is confident about them winning many trophies under his leadership.


Do you also think Atletico Madrid are capable of winning La Liga this season?

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