Tuesday, 15 December 2020

OYA HIT ME!, My chest is here' - Mikel Arteta ready to put his body on the line for Arsenal

OYA HIT ME!, My chest is here' - Mikel Arteta ready to put his body on the line for Arsenal

Arsenal manager is ready to take to every criticism coming his way as his side continue to struggle in the Premier League.

With a recent loss to Burnley on Sunday and a trip to inform Southampton on Wednesday, Mikel Arteta accepted his side has not been playing well as they sit 15th on the Premier League table.

Speaking in the press conference ahead of the Southampton game, Arteta revealed he prefers pressure and that he will take the bullet for his side poor performance.

“I feel the pressure all the time,” Arteta said.

“When we had those [good] spells [last season], everything was not beautiful. In the last few months of last summer there were a lot of difficult moments, believe me. It wasn’t everything nice and easy and enjoyable.

“But obviously when you are winning you create a different mood and then the pressure once you win is to win again. And the pressure is always going to exist.

“I prefer that pressure when you are always thinking about winning and going into the next trophy. But this is our reality right now and we have to face it.

“And we have to face it being brave, fighting and no-one giving up or anything because it is no time to hide, it’s time to put your face and your body on the line. At the moment, I’m sorry, but we have to take the bullets.

“We are not winning football matches and you have to put your chest out [and say] 'hit me because you have the right to hit me because I’m not winning'.

“So what else can I do? Put my head down, work harder, and try to do things better and improve. It’s how we have to approach things in my opinion.”

Arteta was asked if he is to be blamed for the bad performance of his players and the former Pep Guardiola assistant has the perfect reply.

“It’s natural, I accept it. It’s part of the job,' He answered

“When you are not getting results, at the end of the day it’s the manager who has the maximum responsibility.

“That’s why I accept them because you can say whatever you want to explain but at the end you have to win football matches and this club is too big to accept this many losses in the last weeks.

“So my chest is here, hit me, guys.”

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