Tuesday, 15 December 2020

It's unfair some clubs can have fans in the stadium while some can't - Frank Lampard

It's unfair some clubs can have fans in the stadium while some can't - Frank Lampard

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has given his opinion about the recent changes in the Premier League after it was announced some clubs won't be allowed to have fans in the stadium anymore.

It was announced that clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, Newcastle, Fulham, Leicester, Tottenham, and some other Premier League clubs will not be able to have fans in the stadium starting from Wednesday as their location will move up to tier three. Liverpool, Everton, Southampton and Brighton are allowed to have fans in the stadium.

Recall fans started coming back to the stadium this December after most games have been played behind closed doors due to the pandemic. And only 2,000 of them were allowed as Premier League try to contain the spread of the Corona Virus.

With the new announcement that was made on Monday, it will now be a blow to some clubs that won't be able to have their fans present as they were just getting used to having them back. Speaking ahead of Chelsea's game against Wolves later today, Frank Lampard thinks it's not really fair for some clubs to have fans present in the stadium and some not.

‘Let’s be honest, we are making it up as we go along,’ Lampard said.

‘That’s not to sound critical, but it is the fact of never being in the position before.

‘I think when you are talking about whether the clubs can control the situation then I think they have shown that so far they can.

‘So I would like to have thought there would be something that we could do to get that 2,000 number in. Again, that goes above my station so I am just saying what I think.

‘Even though we are in tier two and we have had fans in for a game already, I did think it should be a level playing field for fans with some clubs having it when some can’t.

‘I think we have felt it already on the pitch with the backing they give you and what it can do to the game. I think that should be level.

‘I also can’t tell the government what to do, but to control 2,000 fans coming into a stadium, if they come in from within that tier, or however, they want to do that to keep things moving along. So it is unfortunate, to say the least.’

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