Saturday, 19 December 2020

Creativity is not enough, this is what Mikel Arteta needs.

Creativity is not enough, this is what Mikel Arteta needs.

You might not want to agree that Mikel Arteta and his boys are actually doing what they are supposed to do in other to win games.

But yes you might be right to disagree because of the way things are going on right now with the team and the way they are losing the games everyone expected them to win.

The game against Southampton was a tough one for them and of course, we expected a win, but looking at how impressive Southampton has been this season, for Arsenal fans, you should be happy the team got a draw.

Looking back also at the game against Burnley in which they lost, You will want to question the team and how bad they are to lose to a team who sits 17th on the log.

Of course, these boys are professionals and star players and they shouldn't be losing to Burnley at home which is disgraceful. But one will want to say but they lost the Premier League game before that, which was against Tottenham. And that brings us to the question, is creativity enough for the team?

Now in their quest to make the top four this season as they seats 15th on the Premier League table is creativity really enough? The answer is no, as Mikel Arteta will need to dig out some extra motivation from his players if they want to finish the season well.

The same thing happened to Tottenham last season when they were losing games and Jose Mourinho had to sit with his boys down and talk to them and asking them, come on guys. What is going on? What are we actually doing wrong? why are we losing games, and the Tottenham players poured out their minds to the manager which made them end the season quite well qualifying for the Europa League.

The same thing is what Mikel Arteta might need to do or probably might have done as he needs to start bringing the best out of his key players.

These are good players, they are stars and should be doing well week-in week-out, so Arteta might need to sit with them if he hasn't done that yet.

This is what a good manager does as it is not just able picking your starting 11 and sending them to pitch hoping they perform well.

So for Mikel Arteta, creativity and the big names of the players will not be enough if he wants to finish the season well, he needs to start giving them extra motivation and also do it quickly before it is too late.

Arsenal has now taken 14 pts from as many games as they lost to Everton at Goodison Park, lie 15th in the table and the teams around them all have games in hand. They have now lost 8 out of 14 and Chelsea is next in the league. 

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