Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Arsenal needs to pass a bit quicker - Freddie Ljungberg

Arsenal needs to pass a bit quicker - Freddie Ljungberg

Former Arsenal player Freddie Ljungberg has let out his opinion on why he thinks the club is suffering and not winning games at the moment.

Arsenal lost the North London derby on Sunday and many fans and ex-player have been airing out their opinion about the team claiming it lacks creativity and that Mikel Arteta might probably not be the man for the club.

With all this going on in the media Freddie Ljungberg has also given his view about the team and he thinks the team is a bit slow and lacks a bit of higher passing tempo.

“For me, in general terms, it’s just a little bit slow,' Ljungberg said while speaking with Sky Sports

“If they could just go into general games, not just this game, with a bit of a higher passing tempo, go a bit quicker.

“You saw when they had success last season a few times, it went quite quick into [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang and he opened up his legs, he had space to run in, so maybe passing a bit quicker.

“Then of course it depends on how you set up the team. Arsenal, they played with a five, then only with two midfielders and that showed they couldn’t have a creative midfielder in the team really because they were just working really hard in midfield.

“He’s now changed to a back four and they will have a 10, I think [Alexandre] Lacazette played that role [against Spurs], so I think he’s trying to mix it up to have a bit of that creativity in the middle of the park.

“But as you see the stats don’t really lie.”

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