Thursday, 17 September 2020

Tottenham could drag down Mourinho and Bale - Berbatov

Tottenham could drag down Mourinho and Bale - Berbatov

Former Tottenham player Dimitar Berbatov is happy Gareth Bale is returning to the club however there is also cause for concerns.

Gareth will return to Spurs on loan from Real Madrid after 7 years. A deal was agreed by both clubs on Wednesday and Tottenham will likely announce the Welshman before their Premier League game on Sunday.

Speaking with Betfair, Berbatov is kind of concern about the mentality in Spurs who haven't won a trophy in 12 years and how it's likely to affect Bale and their Manager Jose Mourinho.

The former United man labeled the club trophy drought as a serious concern and thinks it might have a detrimental effect on the winger who is used to winning trophies in Madrid.

 "It's so important to have people who have won trophies in your dressing room,' Berbatov said

'Whether they be players or managers, so can Mourinho and Bale instil that winning mentality at Spurs?

"Or will they be dragged down by the club? It's going to be fascinating to find out.

"I went to United having only won a League Cup and they changed me to become a consistent winner.

"At Spurs, the dressing room could possibly change Bale and Mourinho. That is the challenge at Spurs now.

"Bale has already been in the Premier League and done very well, and it will be familiar to him."

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