Thursday, 24 September 2020

The story behind my purple hair - Jerome Boateng

The story behind my purple hair - Jerome Boateng

Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng has explained the story behind his purple hair and it is a funny one.

Boateng got the new look immediately after the Champions League final against Paris St. Germain which is side won by a goal to nil in Lisbon.

The outcome of that game was the reason why the Bavarian defender is still carrying the hairstyle till now. But he has however explained he got it.

“It was a bet before we went to Portugal,' the CB explained during an interview with Bayern official website

'A friend was sure we would win the Champions League, so bet me to dye my hair purple if we won. If we didn’t, he’d do it.'

'I was so surprised and immediately agreed to it. I can live having my hair this colour when it’s for such a good reason.”

The defender also revealed his expectation in the Super Cup game against Sevilla later tonight and claimed the Spanish side will be an
awkward opponent.

“They’re an awkward opponent. There’s a reason they’ve won the Europa League, and the UEFA Cup before that, a number of times in recent years,' he said

'Sevilla have a lot of quality in their team. As with every opponent, we have a lot of respect but also know about our own strengths. We want to play well and win the title.”

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