Friday, 25 September 2020

The girls are excited about Alex Morgen signing - Juan Amoros

The girls are excited about Alex Morgen signing - Juan Amoros

Tottenham ladies Co-manager Amoros has revealed the excitement in the dressing following the announcement that 31-year-old Alex Morgen will be joining the club.

Morgen will likely be at Tottenham for a year and will likely make her debut on Saturday when Tottenham takes on Arsenal ladies.

Though Tottenham aren't sure how long Morgen will be staying with the club due to the current situation, the excitement of having the World Cup winner in the team is something of a big motivation to her teammates.

“At the moment the deal is for a season but there are other things in her life and we always prioritize the person,” Amoros said during a press conference

“She’s recently become a Mum, which has a big impact on her and the family situation is a bit different and also the situation in America. Making long-term plans at the moment, for us, for the club, and for everyone, it’s very difficult to know.

“At the moment, she’s here, that’s what really matters. She’s a Spurs Women player and we hope that she has a great time with us and she and scores a lot of goals for us.

“We can’t forget that she only landed last week and she’s been training with us for a week. As with everyone else she can be selected to play because all the paperwork has been done so I think we will have to wait almost until the last minute to know that.”

“From the moment we announced to the rest of the squad that she was signing, the players were so excited to play with her,” Amoros added speaking about the excitement of Morgen's teammate.

“You always want to play with the best players in the world so when one of them is actually coming to your team, even the players that play in the same position were extremely excited.

“We've been here for so long and been developing this club for such a long period, that for us to have a period of that calibre – a World Cup winner, an Olympic Gold medallist – a few years back, that was only a dream.

“When we found out that she could be joining us, we were over the moon. It's obviously a no-brainer. When they ask if you want to sign Alex Morgan, obviously the answer is yes.”

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