Thursday, 24 September 2020

It will be hard for Manchester United to sign quality players - Andy Cole

It will be hard for Manchester United to sign quality players - Andy Cole

With 10 days left until the transfer window closes, former Manchester United man Andy Cole believes it will be a difficult task for his former club to bring top players to the Club.

Manchester United have been looking to strengthen their side since the beginning of the transfer but it has been a tough task for them as they couldn't get their number one target Jadon Sancho whom Dortmund confirmed he will be playing in the Bundesliga for another season.

With just 10 days left, Andy thinks it will be difficult for the Manchester Side to attract quality as players will be skeptic of the probability of them winning a trophy if they join the Premier League side.

Speaking with Goal, Cole analyzes how it will be difficult it would be for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and what they probably need to do to contain the situation.

"To try and close the gap on Liverpool and Manchester City they are going to have to stop buying to improve themselves,' Cole said

'At the moment they’re vying for the same type of players. It’s a double-edged sword.

"When Manchester United were dominating all the best players wanted to come to Man United and they wanted to come for a reason, because they had the opportunity of winning and that’s what it’s about.

"When you don’t have the opportunity to win you’re not going to say you will go to Man United if Liverpool or Man City are interested. Instead, you’re going to go to one of those clubs where you can win things.

"That’s the toughest sell for Ole at the moment, saying 'I think you should sign for Manchester United instead of Man City or Liverpool because we’re building for the next two to three years and then in the next two to three years we could win the league.' For me, if I’m a player I would be thinking 'have I got two or three years?'

"Or do I want to start winning things now and then in three years' time if I’ve won it three times and then they come in for me then I could consider that I’ll move then. To convince players at the peak of their playing career to join a club and a project that will take two or three years, you’ve got to be a very good salesman."

Andy Cole has also gave his opinion on the Jadon Sancho transfer and why he thinks it will be difficult for Manchester United to sign the highly-rated English international.

"Of course fresh faces change things but I look at where we’ve been over the past few years and we’ve got to a stage where we’re making signings that wouldn’t make us any better," he added.

"Loads of players have been brought in but in the end, the majority of players are no longer at the club, so you ask yourself the question 'are we buying the right players?' Because it’s not worked out for whatever reason.

"Sancho hasn’t made any fuss about trying to force a move to United. If he was doing that I would turn around and think this kid really fancies going.

"From the outside looking in it looks like he thinks 'yeah, I will get on with things at Dortmund, I’m not really fussed about it.' So does he really want to come? Previously when people have wanted to come, the player has said 'I want to go.' We’ve got two weeks left of the window and all this time [up to now] nothing has happened. He’s not trying to push it."

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