Tuesday, 29 September 2020

I never cheated on PSG - Thiago Silva

I never cheated on PSG - Thiago Silva

Chelsea defender Thiago is not happy with the way his career at former club Paris Saint-Germain ended and feels he wasn't treated right following eight-years at the club.

Thiago Silva was in quarantine in Brazil when PSG sporting director Leonardo Araujo called to informed him that he would only be needed for the final games of the UEFA Champions League and after that his service at the club won't be needed anymore and that he can find a new club.

The Brazillian wasn't happy with the development owing to the fact that he has spent almost all his career with the club and should be treated better. Thiago Silva played eight-years at PSG ranking 35 appearances in all competition also winning 23 trophies in the process.

Speaking with France Football, Thiago Silva revealed how sad he was and how the situation p*ssed him off.

“It's a situation that p*ssed me off. I really didn't like the way it was conducted. Even if there was lockdown, things should have been done differently. I was in Brazil, in quarantine when Leonardo called me to tell me that because of the pandemic and the difficulties...

"No, first, he asked me if I was OK to continue for two more months to compete in a possible [Champions League] quarter-final. I told him yes. But he told me that the club would not go beyond these two months. It would be two months and nothing else. It should have been done differently.

“All my career at PSG, I gave the maximum, I never cheated. It's as if three matches from the quarter-finals changed everything? And everything I had achieved in those eight years didn't matter anymore?"

"It is not consistent. Leo did this in an awkward and hasty fashion. Not just with me by the way. I also think of Cavani who is the top scorer in the history of PSG,"

"I say this so that the club progresses and does not make these kinds of mistakes in the future.”

Silva also revealed why he decided to join Chelsea and how he prayed about finding a better club after the PSG stuation.

“In truth, when I knew it was over with PSG, I always hoped for something big. At first, we were afraid that my age would be a drag and that the leaders would have negative prejudices. It's very difficult to bounce back when you're past 33-34.

"But I wanted to believe it, I prayed that God would find me a project that lived up to my ambitions. He heard me because Chelsea are the best in England."

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