Monday, 28 September 2020

Arsenal will be armed with a plan but won't be enough to beat Liverpool - Alan Smith

Arsenal will be armed with a plan but won't be enough to beat Liverpool - Alan Smith

Former Notts County player Alan Smith believes Arsenal will still need to do more if they are to march the Standard of Liverpool whom they will be facing later tonight in the Premier League.

Arsenal takes on Liverpool later tonight following an impressive start to the season and a win will see them move back to the top of the league table.

Alan Smith, however, thinks the London side might come up with a plan to face the Champions but the plan might not work as Liverpool are a better side.

“Some stats are misleading, others tell the truth. A well-known one about Arsenal shines a harsh light on a longstanding weakness,' Smith said while speaking Evening Standard

“Gunners fans don’t need reminding that it’s been more than five-and-a-half years since their team won a Premier League away game against a top-six club. That’s not bad luck. It’s about poor organisation and a soft underbelly, which led to some embarrassing scorelines over that time.

“One thing I think we can guarantee tonight is that Mikel Arteta’s side will be armed with a solid game plan that commands respect. It might not be enough to beat Liverpool, but you would expect it to be able to at least compete in a way that proved beyond previous sides.

“In truth, this isn’t about beating the champions, though that would obviously be nice. It’s more about closing the huge gap in quality that has opened up, one that amounted to a 43-point difference in the Premier League come the end of last season.

“Quite a challenge, that, but Arteta has it in him to chip away at that lead as the campaign progresses.”

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