Monday, 17 August 2020

Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva blasts Liverpool fans on twitter

Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva blasts Liverpool fans on twitter

Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has taken to twitter to label Liverpool fans “pathetic” following Manchester City exit from the Champions League as they were beaten 3-1 by Olympique Lyon.

The Portuguese star took to social media to plead for the forgiveness from Manchester City fans following a disappointing European campaign this season.

On Twitter, he apologized to city fans as he promised a better 2020/2021 campaign next season.

"The 2019/2020 season has ended for us in a very disappointing way. To all the fans, we're sorry for this frustrating season.

"The only thing we can promise is that in 2020/2021 we'll fight a lot to do much better and get back to winning important things for you guys!"

The Portuguese international then focused his attention on Liverpool fans as he released a harsh tweet on them.

He said: "And to all Liverpool fans that have nothing else to do than to come to a Man City player account, I'm also sorry for you but for the wrong reasons...pathetic... go celebrate your titles, or try to find a partner, drink a beer with a friend, read a book... so many options!"

No doubt Silva's tweet attracted many reactions from Liverpool fans

One Twitter user wrote: "Stop crying your heart out pal."

A second tweeted: "We, Liverpool fans, are undefeated. We actually made a man city player cry."

A third added: "This is so weird. Take your own advice."

Manchester City finished second behind Premier League Champions Liverpool last season.

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