Friday, 7 August 2020

Jason Cundy backs Arsenal's decision to make 55 staff redundant.

Jason Cundy backs Arsenal's decision to make 55 staff redundant.

talkSPORT host Jason Cundy has back Arsenal's decision to make 55 staff redundant following the announcement a few days ago.

Arsenal announced a few days ago they will make 55 members of staff redundant as the club continues to struggle following the pandemic.

This didn't, however, didn't go done well with some members of the public and some of them as been criticizing the London side for their decision.

Although the club might be able to raise some good money again next season following their qualification for the UEFA Europa League, it will also be noted that their matchday revenue as dropped which is probably one of the key reasons for their action.

Speaking on talkSPORT, Jason Cundy backs the London club claiming the most important people at a football club are the players so the club might be right to take such action.

'I’m not defending what Arsenal have done, but the footballers at the club are the ones that make the club tick,' He said

'No one is ever going to say, ‘Willian and Aubameyang should not get their money because the cleaner needs an extra £5 a week – nobody is ever going to say that.'

'The most important people at the football club are the players. It’s not fair, but that’s just the way it is.'

'I hope my club doesn’t go down this route because it doesn’t look good, but when another industry does it why can’t Arsenal do it?

'We’ve seen some of the biggest industries in the world struggle. Football is no different to banking, airlines – I mean, Virgin Airlines have just filed for bankruptcy!

'There are two work forces at football clubs – the people behind the scenes that do the administration, the catering, the tickets, and then there’s the playing staff.'

'Don’t confuse the two.'

'No football club is going to take away from the playing staff. The behind the scenes staff rely on the first team. If the first team don’t perform, don’t get European football or win trophies, they’ll have to make staff cuts somewhere, that’s what football clubs do.'

'What sticks in the neck for everyone, and I understand this, is the huge wages.'

'But businesses up and down the high street across the world are going bust and having to lay people off, so why do people look at football clubs as if they’re so different?'

What do you think about Arsenal's decision, do you think there is another way to handle the situation instead of placing the staffs on redundant?

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