Thursday, 13 August 2020

'I’ll decide when I go, not other people' - Mesut Ozil

'I’ll decide when I go, not other people - Mesut Ozil

German international Mesut Ozil has rubbished the rumor he is set to leave Arsenal during the current transfer window.

Though the last two years have been difficult for the former Real Madrid, he is, however, willing to stay and fight for a place as he is still in love with the club and the city.

Speaking in an interview with The Athletic, the 31-year-old who earns £350,000-per-week emphasized he will remain at Arsenal until the end of his contract next summer.

'My position is clear,' He said

'I’m here through to the last day of our agreement and I’ll give everything I have for this club.'

'Situations like these will never break me, they only make me stronger. I showed in the past that I can come back into the team and I will show it again.'

'I’ll decide when I go, not other people. I didn’t sign for two or three years, I signed for four and that should be respected by everyone.'

'Things have obviously been difficult but I love Arsenal, I love to work there, I love the people in the club — the real people, those I’ve been with for a long time — and I love London, it’s my home.'

'Whatever happened in the last two seasons, I’m happy and very strong mentally. I never give up on anything. I want to help my team and I’ll fight for it. If I’m fit, I know what I can do on the pitch.'

Ozil also claims he still has a lot to offer whether he is in the team or not so he is always getting prepared in case he is called upon by Mikel Arteta.

'When a player wants to leave and the club says no, the player must accept it unless they find a solution together. So when a club wants a player to leave and the player says no, the club must accept it unless a solution can be found together. I don’t want to leave, so that’s it,' he added

'In 2018, I had plenty of options that would have earned me far more money as a free agent, but I committed myself to Arsenal because this was the club and the fanbase I wanted to play for. In that sense, nothing has changed. Mikel knows my quality and I will be ready when he needs me.'

'I’m not going into pre-season thinking, ‘Final year, I can chill — I know I don’t play’. These are not easy times for Arsenal and I want to help.'

'I still have a lot to offer and I train as hard as I can, whether I’m in the squad or not. If you’re called in, you have to be prepared. I’m doing all the necessary work on the pitch, with the fitness coach and in the gym. This is all I can do.'

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