Thursday, 6 August 2020

I get nervous talking to Zidane - Casemiro

I get nervous talking to Zidane - Casemiro

Brazil international Casemiro has revealed some things about his manager Zinedine Zidane and also claims he gets nervous talking to him.

Real Madrid prepares to take on Manchester City in the second leg of the Champions League on Friday and a win is what they need to get to the quarter-final as they lost the first leg by 2 goals to 1 as due to the wonderful job Pep Guardiola and his boys did at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Speaking ahead of the tie, Casemiro revealed while talking to The Guardian how Zinedine Zidane as always been asking more from him and claims he even gets nervous when he speaks with the manager.

'Even today I get a little nervous talking to him,” Casemiro said

'I tell him he doesn’t know what he meant for us, for me.'

'Yeah, I tell him that: you took ‘98 [World Cup] away but it didn’t change anything. Also, knowing him now, I can say he deserves it. He’s incredible: the humility, how he expresses football. He treats us with so much affection and love.'

'He’s very insistent; he always, always says: ‘Case, you can do more: arrive from the second line, feed midfielders, bring the ball out cleanly.'

'This year, maybe I’ve had more protagonism with the ball, but I still know my job: rob the ball, give it to my team-mates. But Zizou is pesado, heavy going: always talking to me, wanting more.'

'He says: 'I'm not asking you to do something you can’t do; I’m asking you to do something you can.’ He trusts me a lot.'

Casemiro has revealed he always spend time at home to analyze every game and see where there was an error and what to improve on even to the point
of annoying his wife sometimes.

'I watch back, see the errors, evaluate. I love that. People say I think like a coach,' he added

'I always try to read the game, the other team’s mind, their coach, what they’re trying to do. Often the smallest details – a metre either way – change everything.'

'I have [football analytics platform] Wyscout and watch everything, from China or anywhere. My wife gets annoyed. It's my work. There’s a time for everything but it’s my job. And I love it. My life is football. I have to think permanently about football.'

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