Friday, 14 August 2020

Alcantara won't fit Liverpool quite well - Steve Nicol

Alcantara won't fit Liverpool quite well - Steve Nicol

Former Bayern Munich player Steve Nicol has given his opinion on the transfer linking the club midfielder Thiago Alcantara to Premier League champion Liverpool.

Alcantara has been linked with a move away from Bayern following a seven-year stay at the club and his destination as been a big concern for many of his fans. But since the past week, Liverpool have been showing interest in the 29-year-old and it's looking like a deal will happen soon.

With  Anfield now looking like Alcantara's destination, former Bayern star Steve Nicol however believes the Spanish international might not be a good fit for the Premier League Champions as he lacks the pace to close down player quickly the way Liverpool does. He revealed while speaking on ESPN.

'I would sign him, don't get me wrong,” Nicol said

'I think he's a great footballer and he can pass the ball. Unfortunately, he just doesn't fit the mould of what Liverpool do in the middle of the park right now.'

'Yes, he's got ability, but he also has to have dynamism, he has to have legs, he has to close down quickly, he's got to have energy. Those are thing that all those players in the middle of the park for Liverpool have.'

'That isn't Alcantara. But at the same time, having a player like that to bring on, he can play in the FA Cup, the League Cup, you can bring him on and give him half an hour to pass the ball around if that's what you need.'

'I would sign him, I think he's a quality player. If the money is right, go and get him.'

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