Thursday, 9 July 2020

We have to forget the last game - Paul Pogba

We have to forget the last game - Paul Pogba

Manchester United star man Paul Pogba as a piece of advice for his teammate and coaching crew as they prepare to face Aston Villa tonight.

Manchester United is really doing well these days and they are not giving up on getting a Champions League spot for next season.

With the recent run of good games, Paul Pogba believes the team has to take things one step at a time and also always try to focus on the next game even if they win big in the last one.

'To become a top, top team we just need to forget about the last game. We do it, we play well, we do great but then we forget about it and we think about the next one,' Pogba said during an interview with the club website

'Take last week, we don’t think about what happened, we are focused on going again. We have to always keep having the goal to improve ourselves and never get satisfied with what we did.'

'For example, Martial scored three goals, his first hat-trick, then he goes again, you have to carry on… he wants to take another ball home, you know! [Smiles] You have to have this mentality, score a goal and do it again and again… Bruno, Rashy, Mason… hey if you got two goals, great, but go for three, why not. You have to keep this mentality, keep a clean sheet too… we want to keep working on this and we have the mentality to do it.'

'That’s also the mentality of this club, it's always been like that. We’re never satisfied with one trophy or one game we win or two games or 10 games, you want more, you always want more. That's what makes Manchester United the biggest club, for me, in England.'

Pogba also revealed he enjoys watching the way Bruno Fernandes, Rashford, Martial, and Mason Greenwood score goals.

'From behind I just enjoy it. I'm enjoying just watching Bruno, Rashford, Martial and Mason, who all played the last game, and seeing them score goals. You just keep applauding, it's beautiful… they make me enjoy football every time!' he added

'As well though there is the defensive work that people don't talk about - they do it. The pressing - they do it… that’s what you maybe don’t see that much. Football fans who know football see that and that's the difference that we have and it's great to see them at their best. I think it's about the mentality – the attacking and defending that they do every time – that helps us, it helps the midfielders and the defenders and obviously the talent speaks for itself - the goals and the action and the football, everything.'

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