Saturday, 4 July 2020

Messi-Ronaldo double at Juventus will be a 'BOOM' - Rivaldo

Messi-Ronaldo double at  Juventus will be a BOOM - Rivaldo

With Problems surrounding Barcelona and recent talks of Lionel Messi calling it quit at the Club, Club legend Rivaldo has considered the possible destination for Lionel Messi if he decides to leave in 2021.

Earlier this week, a Spanish radio outlet reported Lionel Messi will see out his contract with Barcelona until 2021 but will then move on. But the question about the team the Argentine will join still lingers and fans will hope to get answers soon.

However, Barcelona agent Rivaldo while speaking with Betfair has now considered two possible destinations for the 33-year old and thinks a possible reunion with former coach Pep Guardiola at Manchester City is likely to happen and the biggest of all is a move to Juventus to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.

'If he is considering leaving the club, then something mustn't be good in the Barcelona dressing room and perhaps he is tired with all the constant problems that have surrounded the club in the last few months,' Rivaldo said

'When Messi's contract ends, he will be 34, but with his class I think he could still easily play in Premier League.'

'It will be sad to see him leaving Barcelona once his contract ends eventually, but I still hope that he can stay for now.'

'Despite his connection to the club, he has the right to move if he wants and reuniting with Pep Guardiola at City will be tempting for him, as the two of them formed a great coach and player partnership at Barca.'

'With all this speculation, I believe that some agents are already dreaming about a Messi-Ronaldo double at Juventus and how big it will be around the globe,' Rivaldo added

'If that happened there would be a world 'boom', and I believe Juventus would quickly recover any investment on the Argentinian thanks to the boost they would get from visibility and marketing.'

'It would be historical to see both playing together and I'm sure many Juve sponsors would love to help financially, so, it's also a possibility for Messi.'

'If there are rumours about his exit, then of course every club will be thinking about how they can sign him.'

'That said, the two best players in the world for the past 10 years playing at the same club would be massive.'

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