Friday, 3 July 2020

Klopp needs to bring in players - Robbie Fowler

Klopp needs to bring in players - Robbie Fowler

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler expects Jurgen Klopp to spend during the summer and bring in some back-ups for the current squad and also increase the competition within the team.

With Liverpool winning the league comfortably, many are suggesting Jurgen Klopp might not be spending big during the summer as he has a capable squad that can carry the squad next season.

However, legend Robbie Fowler thinks otherwise as he believes Klopp needs attacking alternatives and that for the club to stay at the top, they just have to bring in players.

'I would be amazed if he isn't looking at the transfer window anyway,' Fowler said

'We know as players ourselves that if you've got aspirations of winning leagues, you've got to go and sign players.'

'Just because you've won the Premier League, that doesn't mean you're happy with the squad. You've always got to grow.'

'When you think of Man City, they're going to lose [David] Silva, [Sergio] Aguero could be coming towards the twilight of his career, they've lost [Leroy] Sane, [Benjamin] Mendy isn't reliable because of his injuries, they're going to go out and sign players.'

'Any time you want to stay at the top, you've got to bring players in.'

'The teams behind you are going to bring players in, so if you're not signing players, you're not standing still - you're going backwards.'

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