Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Jack Grealish will be more expensive now - Michael Owen

Jack Grealish will be more expensive now - Michael Owen

Former Manchester United player Michael Owen believes Aston Villa's captain Jack Grealish will be more expensive to possible suitors now and that clubs will have to cough out a lot to get him.

Jack Grealish helped his side to remain in the Premier League will a brilliant last day performance as they ended the league in 17th place.

Owen has now revealed to Premier league Production that the playmaker will be much expensive now because his club didn't get relegated and that he has proved during the season that he can fit into any side.

'He'll be more expensive now to possible suitors,' Owen said

'There is that tie now that it's his team and they're still in the Premier League – it would have been an easier decision if they went down.'

'You can't have someone like that playing in the Championship. He's a top player, he would suit an awful lot of teams; he's exceptional.'

'People compare him to James Maddison and others like that but I think he's head and shoulders above him. He can run with the ball well, score goals, he’s in double figures this season, he assists.'

'He's actually much better out of possession and I think that's where this season he has developed that side. He covers a lot of ground. He's not one of those flashy players where you give him the ball and he turns it on, he actually works hard out of possession as well.'

Michael Owen also reveals Jack Grealish has Manchester United in his heart and that he will be surprised if the Villa captain joins another club.

'I think he's after Manchester United as well.'

'I'm told he has his heart set on Manchester United. I'd be surprised if he went anywhere else.'

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