Friday, 17 July 2020

It is our duty to win all game - Lionel Messi

It is our duty to win all game - Lionel Messi

Barcelona captain Lionel Messi as criticized is side following their defeat to Osasuna on Thursday night.

The last season La Liga champion fell to their 6th defeat of the season as their title hope vanished in a season that has been full of many ups and downs for the Messi and his teammates.

The Argentine has now called for global self-criticism for his side as he believes it is their duty to always win every game but they haven't done that this season.

'We knew Madrid were going to win the league because we dropped too many points. I don’t like the image we gave, especially thinking ahead to future challenges.'

'Madrid did their homework after lockdown, and they take credit for that. But we helped them a lot. We dropped a lot of points that we shouldn't have. We need to be self-critical, starting with ourselves, but also globally. Because we are Barcelona and it is our duty to win all the time.'

'This game reflects what we’ve been like all season. A very irregular team that lets its head drop too easily. We gifted the first half to an Osasuna team that overpowered us. In the second half we were better, but it wasn’t enough.'

'There is obviously room for improvement and we need to start thinking about the Champions League. We all want to win it. But we need to be self-critical, improve a lot, and change a lot. I hope we get it all done in time.'

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