Thursday, 2 July 2020

I see Griezmann sad, running without much sense - Martin Lasarte

I see Griezmann sad, running without much sense - Martin Lasarte

Uruguay former footballer Martin Lasarte thinks Barcelona has a negative atmosphere and that it is affecting former Atletico Madrid man Antoine Griezmann.

Recently, there have been reports of a bust-up between players and coaches in Barcelona dressing room and it is likely to be true as it is affecting their performance on the pitch.

Barcelona are beginning to fall deeper and deeper in the title race and the draw against Atletico Madrid on Tuesday confirms all is not well with the club.

Martin Lasarte believes the atmosphere at the club is what is affecting Antoine Griezmann the lad he gave his professional debut at the age of 18 in the Segunda Division with La Real.

'What you see of Griezmann is like a caricature of himself. I see him sad, with his head down, running without much sense,' Lasarte said while speaking with  Radio Marca

'The coach has every right to make changes whenever he wants but I do not feel the other night [against Atletico] helped Griezmann's psychological situation.'

'When things don't go well for a player, the coach should be there to support and help. Of course, Antoine will have his responsibility but there is an environment that does not help him to succeed.'

'It would have been better if he had gone to Barca a year earlier. I have the feeling that when he said he was staying at Atletico something broke with the Barca dressing room.'

'Griezmann may have had a hard time adapting at first but then I felt he improved in December and January. Now he conveys a sad, down feeling.'

'The truth is I don't know if the change of coach at Barca was the most successful, it has not given the feeling of having improved much.

'That surely has also influenced Griezmann's situation.'

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