Tuesday, 2 June 2020

We will welcome him if he is 35 - Benfica president

We will welcome him if he is 35 - Benfica president

Benfica president Vieira has spoken out on the rumor that  Arsenal man David Luiz is set to return to the club this summer.

David Luiz has been in the news since last week after it was learned that he only had a year contract with Arsenal and that the club is yet to offer him an extension.

Just yesterday, his agent also confirm that that the Brazilian will have to sit with the Arsenal board to discuss a new deal and probably get a two-year extension.

While speaking with Benfica TV Vieira Benfica president who spoke with David Luiz earlier this week has now confirmed that the former Chelsea man is set for a new contract with Arsenal and that he wouldn't even advise him to return to Benfica now as he needs to make more money.

'I spoke to him yesterday, we have a father-son relationship,' Vieira said

'He was in the car with his agent and will renew with Arsenal for two years.'

'David Luiz loves Benfica, but he is 33 years old and has to earn money.'

'His salary in England is unthinkable for Benfica to pay. In England he earns €7million or €8million a year.'

'If David Luiz comes and says "I want to come back", if he is 35 years old and in perfect condition, of course we would welcome him.'

'But now, if he came, it would only be for €1million and as a father I would say no. "David, you're not coming, don't be crazy, make more money!"

'It may be that it becomes a case like Rui Costa, who called me one day and said it was time to return, for me to make a contract, offer a salary, which he signed. If David does the same, he can return.'

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