Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Same opportunities and privileges should be given to everyone - Gareth Southgate

Same Opportunities and privileges should be given to everyone - Gareth Southgate

England national team coach Gareth Southgate has called for equal rights for everyone and that it's time for things to change.

Addressing the situation about whites getting more privileges than blacks, the Three Lions boss says such things should be changed in football as he witnessed some situations himself where black coaches weren't given a position they duly deserved.

Southgate spoke about this situation after numbers of black players spoke out about racism following the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd who was killed by police.

'I think Ashley Cole is developing very well and on a similar route to what Steven did – in that Steven worked in Liverpool’s academy for a couple of years,” Southgate said in support of the Black Lives Matter movement going on around the world.

'On a broader scale, we lack that representation. The biggest crime for us in any area, if we’re adults looking at kids, is if they sit and think that a path in life isn’t possible. And is not accessible.'

'I heard Jermain Defoe say a few days ago: ‘Is it worth me taking my [coaching] qualifications?'

'We have to avoid the feeling that you can’t achieve something because that stops some people going for it.'

'We have to make sure the opportunity is there when people are qualified and capable. And then, of course, they have to grasp that opportunity.'

'If they can do well, they’ll role model what’s possible to the next generation.'

Southgate also spoke about how he got the job at Middlesbrough even when he wasn't qualified for it and that such an opportunity should also be given to some else.

'I know that I got an opportunity at Middlesbrough when I wasn’t qualified,' Southgate added

"That came because I had worked at the club and the owner knew me.'

'But I couldn’t say that opportunity would have been there for somebody else. And I think we are all very conscious of it.'

'The power of what is happening at the moment is that people are standing together and these observations, these deeper-seated issues are rightly leading to the broader debate on opportunity, on privilege, and it’s important people speak out. I do feel there is a moment for change but I’m also conscious that we’ve been here before.'

'People have spoken brilliantly over the last week – people like Troy Townsend, Chris Grant and David Olusoga. A lot of that will be uncomfortable for white people, in particular, but they are critical voices to be heard.'

'It’s also important to hear from white voices because ultimately they are going to be in the positions to open up opportunity. We are the ones who have to be educated.'

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