Friday, 19 June 2020

Mikel Arteta knows what to do during the summer

Mikel Arteta knows what to do during the summer

Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta has revealed the club will be putting a plan in place as the summer transfer window approaches.

Mikel Arteta will need to strengthen is squad come summer, though the club has been linked with man big players it is also not sure if the London side will like to spend much as the pandemic has really done a lot of damage to the finance of most clubs.

But in the situation of Arsenal, they might have no choice than to spend as some of their stars might be leaving.

Following Wednesday night defeat to Manchester City, Mikel Arteta will also need his players to give their best in the remaining games of the season if they really wants to play European competition next season.

'What we do today or in the next five weeks will have a big impact on what we have to do in the summer,' Arteta said

'We have to put a plan to improve our squad, that's first, fulfil the ambitions that we have, have the right players to support the talented young players that we have.'

'They are still in the very early stages of their development and we have to know that, but we don’t have time. The demands of this football club are huge and we cannot stay still. We have to change things, we have to improve them.'

'The most important thing is not about keeping the players, it is about improving them, convince them of what we are trying to do and get them performing and winning football matches.'

'There is a lot of uncertainty in how the transfer market is going to look. You hear very different things and people are going to go all in, clubs are already spending a lot of money and others may be much more conservative and wait to assess the situation before they move.'

'Our position at the moment is that we have to see and be cautious. Our ambition is still intact and I know from the owners that their ambition is still intact as well. We will try and do our best to improve the squad, maintain the players we want to maintain and move forward.'

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