Friday, 12 June 2020

Mason Mount wants to be like his manager Frank Lampard

Mason Mount wants to be like his manager Frank Lampard

Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount is anxious to follow the footstep of his manager Frank Lampard who was a phenomenal player for the club during his playing days.

The midfielder has previously worked with Frank Lampard when he was on loan at Derby and Lampard as coach of the Championship side. He has also become one of Lampard's trusted players since he was appointed as Chelsea coach.

Speaking with the club official website, Mason Mount talks about the prospect of becoming just like Frank Lampard at Chelsea. Mount wants to be a goalscoring midfielder just the way Lampard was but also understands he has to work harder and learn as much as he can from the coach.

'I'm very lucky to have worked with Lampard at both Derby and then at Chelsea this season,' Mason Mount said

'The manager has been great with me. He's always giving me little bits of advice and he’s just been encouraging me to keep learning and to keep growing as a player. I’ve loved every minute of this season so far and hopefully we can come back and end it on a high now.'

'I'd love to add more goals to my game, like Frank did when he played for Chelsea. If I could make even half of his goals then I’d be very happy! He was so dominant as a goalscoring midfielder.'

'I’d also like to be successful like him in terms of trophies won.'

'As young players coming through, you dream of lifting silverware and that’s no different to this team. We want to win trophies and having seen the Chelsea team when Lampard was playing, that’s something we can aspire to.'

The midfielder says he looks forward to the resumption of the league and how it will look like playing in a stadium with fans. He also reveals he has been watching the Bundesliga games and have been seeing how the players try to communicate.

'It's going to be interesting playing in a stadium where you can hear absolutely everything,' he said

'We will have to be careful with the way we communicate on the pitch, whether that’s telling players where to go or what to do on the ball and things like that. Overall I think it will be fine, but we may have to just be careful not to use any bad language!

'I've been watching some of the German games and it’s good to see what it feels like with no fans at the stadium, and what it could be like for us during the games when we start the Premier League up again.'

‘It’s very different and something we as players are not used to at all but if it means we can get back to playing football, then that’s great.

'Obviously making sure everything is safe is the most important thing, because health is the first thing that needs to be considered, but seeing that they’ve managed to return in Germany and that we are following, it makes us very excited to get back playing.'

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