Friday, 26 June 2020

Liverpool deserve everything - Kenny Dalglish

Liverpool deserve everything - Kenny Dalglish

Liverpool former player and legend Kenny Dalglish has sent a message to Jürgen Klopp and his boys after they won the club the Premier League.

Dalglish thinks Jürgen Klopp has been positive since he joined the club and that the last two years have really been impressive.

Speaking with BT Sport after Liverpool were confirmed champions Kenny Dalglish reveals Liverpool deserves everything as they have been fantastic.

'The last two years and since Jurgen's come in has been very positive,' Dalglish said

'He's been fantastic and epitomises everything Liverpool Football Club stands for. Whatever they got, they have deserved it.'

'Onwards and upwards. We have a lot more happy days to look forward to as long as Jurgen is here. Liverpool from top to bottom in the football club have been fantastically supportive.'

'You know how much it means. It's hard work to dominate the English league
beside quality like Manchester City, by the way!

'I'm very pleased for everybody connected with the football club. Jurgen [Klopp] has done a fantastic job. The highlight has been the camaraderie within the team and the way everyone has helped the team. Last night's game was a huge example of that.

'They played with tempo and never gave Crystal Palace time on the ball. It's the whole feeling within the club, you do not win anything without a great dressing room, and they have that.'

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