Thursday, 18 June 2020

Linking up with Pogba and Rashford is easy - Bruno Fernandes

Linking up with Pogba and Rashford is easy - Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United Midfielder Bruno Fernandes as spoken ahead of his side game against Tottenham on Friday.

Bruno Fernandes is confident of his side and has no doubt about what the team is capable of once they are on the pitch on Friday.

The Portuguese international also claims playing alongside Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba is easy and that he sees them as two of the best in the Premier League

'Everyone is doing very well. We are excited to play again because it's been a long stop, it's never happened in the history of football,' he said while speaking with the clubs' official website

'It's happened to us and I think we can learn other things, not with football but in life, in terms of what matters and what is important, like being healthy. But I think now it’s time to start to think only [about] football and what we can do very well [as a team].'

'We were in a great time with great results before this and we want to keep going. For sure everyone feels now that we have the capacity to do better and keep up the way we were doing before.'

'I think linking up with Paul and Marcus is easy.'

'They are two of the best players in the Premier League, they have qualities to help us a lot. They have already shown that and I think now with both of them back we will be stronger than before and this is good for us. Now everyone is fit and we can do better on the training pitch and obviously in the games.'

'The message I want to give to the fans is we will keep improving, we will try to do better and better and be the best we can. It’s difficult to forget the fans because football is about them. It will be really difficult to play without our fans but the most important thing for us now after a long stop is to play again and be on the pitch.'

'We will try to give our fans some enjoyment from home because now it has to be like this, but soon we’ll all be back [together] in the stadium. For now though we want to win the games for them.'

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