Monday, 22 June 2020

It is fair to question VAR - Quique Satien

It is fair to question VAR - Quique Satien

Barcelona coach Quique Satien has let out his opinion about VAR and how it's been used.

VAR has come into question most times about its decisions in games and yesterday's decision that went in Real Madrid favor against Real Sociedad was a very big one and many Barcelona fans were not happy about it as it has now helped Madrid go top of the La Liga table.

Prior to Karim Benzema's goal that won Madrid the game, it looks as if the France international actually controlled the ball with his arm but VAR actually revealed it and decided it was not a hand-ball.

Barcelona coach Satien also thinks some decisions buy VAR are sometimes not fair and that it needs to be revealed.

'I'm focusing on us," Satien said during his pre-match press conference.

'We have footballing problems, but I'm very happy with a lot of the things we're doing.'

'We've won two and drawn one. We've scored six goals and we haven't conceded a single one. VAR is a tool we have that can make us better.

'But we must use it and have a clearer vision of reality. It is fair to ask why some actions are reviewed and others are not.'

'It can lead to the idea that it is not being used well.'

Setien also spoke about quest to win the league claim they can't afford to loss any more game.

'It's true that goal difference puts us below," he added. "But we still have the same amount of points. They [Real Madrid] can't make any mistakes either.'

'Many leagues have been resolved in the last few games. Things are still the same.'

'We're behind, but there are eight games left and we have the same idea of winning every game and being there until the last one.'

'I knew we had to win almost everything, just like them.'

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