Monday, 1 June 2020

I felt anger, pity, hatred, indignation, pain, and sadness - Paul Pogba

I felt anger, pity, hatred, indigignation, pain and sadness - Paul Pogba

Manchester United man Paul Pogba has spoken out on recent troubles going on in the United States after George Floyd was killed by a policeman in Minneapolis.

Protests have been held and many are calling for justice for George Floyd and that the policeman Derek Chauvin needs to face the music for his act.

Pogba has now posted a picture on his Instagram account with a caption that sends a strong message in support of George Floyd.

The caption reads:
During the past few days I have thought a lot about how to express my feelings about what happened in Minneapolis.'

'I felt anger, pity, hatred, indignation, pain, sadness.'

'Sadness for George and for all black people who suffer from racism EVERY DAY!

'Whether in football, at work, at school, ANYWHERE!

'This has to stop, once and for all! Not tomorrow or the next day, it has to end TODAY!

'Violent acts of racism can no longer be tolerated.'

Paul Pogba teammate Marcus Rashford also posted a message on twitter in support of George Floyd

'I know you guys haven't heard from me in a few days. I've have been trying to process what is going on in the world:'

'At a time I've been asking people to come together, work together and be united, we appear to be more divided than ever.'

'People are hurting and people need answers. Black lives matter. Black culture matters. Black communities matter. We matter.'

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